Marriage is like a walk in a beautiful garden, the longer the walk goes, and the stronger the bond grows! It is when existence becomes household bills, morning coffee, dinner plans – punctuated by sweet moments of love and togetherness.

Hearts were over-flowing with emotions during the 25th anniversary of this sweet couple. It was a day when they were asked to walk backwards, recollecting all those special, beautiful years they’ve come through together.

Their family and friends were so keen to make sure they feel special on this day. They celebrated them and were over the moon just seeing them smile at each other.

The best part of the day was when the couple took to the stage. It was adorable to see him giving an all-loving speech about his wife. He also presented her a bunch of roses and the shy smile in her face… Wow, that was everything!!!


The world should be thankful for the invention of photography. If not, how can we even relive these moments-for-a-lifetime whenever we wanted to! The photos captured say it all!!!